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In memory of Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan - The grand master of acupuncture

To all students of Dr. Tan:
A party named themselves Dr. Tan's successores had never been approved legally by Dr. Richard Tan before or after he died. All the honors they claimed are this party's personal wishes and dreams only. Dr. Richard Tan never gave anybody his books' copyrights including French, German and English version but to his own Trustees. Nobody has the right to print and sell his books of English, French and German version except his Trustees. According to Dr. Richard Tan's will, the copyright and all the knowledge of his wisdom, digital or none digital are all belong to his Trustees. We Noticed that one party had been selling his French and German version of books in their Europe seminar after he died. It violated the copyright of Dr. Richard Tan. They took away his printed French and German version of books from our French office which was used as Dr. Tan's French Clinic also, and started to sell them in their own seminar without returning all these Dr. Tan's properties to his Trustees. His Trustees are not able to have their father's books back and have to watch those so called sucessors are selling them in their own seminar to make money for themselves. Dr. Tan's family want to post this warning on our site and want to stop people from buying any pirated and stolen copies from this illegal sources and bring them to justice. We need all your attention to help us to stop the crime. Thank you for your support.

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Announcement ( The truth is only has one - Honesty is the best polocy )

I want everybody to know that a grave injustice has been perpetrated against me and my sons. My late husband had thousands of students across the world, and I want them to know that I alone, retain the rights to his estate, both his material and intellectual property, and that there is no other individual or group that has permission to conduct seminars, classes, etc. without my approval.
To discuss Dr. Tan's Balance Methord online and honor Dr. Tan's achievements without making any profits should need no permission. Dr. Tan didn't appoint any messenger or ambassador to continue his acupuncture career in any kind. People helped Dr. Tan to orginize his seminar it's their honors to have the oppertunities to learn the best directly from their master. Just as my husband Dr. Tan always said " I made everybody follow me a millionaire". And Yes, those people are handsomely paid back by my husband, their master - Dr. Richard Tan.

I am understandably upset: during Dr. Tan’s last days of life, me and my sons were not told of his whereabouts, and after his death, the location of his ashes is still a secret to us. We were also not allowed to attend the “funeral” that was conducted in Taiwan. Nor will we be attending the “memorial” here on the West Coast. I am pursuing legal charges against those who confiscated a large part of Dr. Tan’s estate at the last 27 days of his life ( OCT. 20 to Nov. 17 / 2015), to which only his family is entitled.

In the meanwhile, please disregard anyone who is promoting a class or seminar event that purports to represent Dr. Richard Tan. It does not. Only his trustees have the right to give permission to sell his books or his knowledge in their seminar.
Thank you all,
Fang Fang Tan

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